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Everyone’s grief journey is different. Guiding Grief™ was created to offer perspectives from those who have experienced all types of grief. While this private resource library can never replace therapy or a support group, these 27 videos were created to give those faced with loss an overview of what they may experience, how normal that is, and how to avoid common mistakes in caring for themselves and making decisions while grieving. Guiding Grief™ is the perfect gift. What better way to begin healing than to learn what helped others?
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Guiding Grief™
$49.99 For one year of access; nonrecurring
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Guiding Grief ™ Content This video library includes 27 videos of varying lengths. Each covers a different aspect of grieving. The videos feature a range of experts from our help network sharing their knowledge and experiences so those dealing with loss can easily access the support they need.
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Meet Your Community of Experts
Time 21:27
Everyone’s grief journey is different, and no one can answer all your questions. That’s why we have gathered a community of experts who are intimately familiar with the grieving process. In this video, you will learn their stories. As they share solutions with you in these videos, you will be comforted that while no one understands what you’re going through, they do have an appreciation for your pain and your questions.
Beginning Your Grief Journey
Time 12:44
It may seem like life will never return to normal after a loss. In this video, you will learn what has helped others on their journeys as you begin to walk your own path of healing.
Finding Your Own Path to Healing
Time 6:19
It's not always easy to get the proper support from friends and family. Even the most well-meaning friends and family members often get it wrong. In this video, you’ll learn how to manage their comments and how to create boundaries and time for personal grief.
What Are the Biggest Insights About Grief?
Time 8:36
This video examines how to get practical about your own grief. Give yourself permission to grieve in the way most helpful to you. How you think you should be doing is often different from how you are actually doing.
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The Grief Guides

Our licensed grief counselors, peers, modality experts, best-selling authors, and speakers bring education and experience - learned from others and from their own grief journeys - in the hopes of helping others discover their own paths to healing.
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How will these videos help? While this private resource library can never replace therapy or a support group, it provides those faced with loss practical ways to cope with their grief.
How long does this subscription last? Your subscription is for one full year beginning at the time of purchase. Everyone experiences grief differently. If you need to extend your subscription to a second year, you can do so at a lower price.
Are the videos still accessible after the subscription ends? The one-year subscription gives those faced with grief time to begin healing. For those wishing to renew their subscription, it is easy to do so at a reduced price.
How were the Grief Guides chosen? We wanted only the best experts to share solutions for those grieving. We found counselors, authors, and speakers who have experienced grief and have helped countless others cope by providing practical advice and solutions. The true benefit comes from the diversity of thought and the different ways of approaching grief presented in these videos.
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Guiding Grief™
$49.99 For one year of access; nonrecurring
Who is this for?
All content shown is included in this subscription